Robotic Pancreatic Surgery (Whipple Surgery) — UPMC Complex Care Connect™

The experts at UPMC have extensive skill and experience in robotic Whipple surgery for people with pancreatic cancer.

Our robotic pancreatic surgery program has performed more than 500 Whipple procedures since its start. And UPMC is one of only a handful of hospitals in the United States to offer the robotic Whipple method.

Patients from partner hospitals can have surgery at UPMC while seeing their local doctors for post-op and follow-up care. This saves patients from needing to travel to Pittsburgh for follow-up care.

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Patient Benefits of Robotic Whipple Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery for pancreatic cancer or other conditions of the pancreas provides many advantages for our patients.

Compared to open Whipple surgery, benefits of the robotic Whipple method typically include:

  • Shorter hospital stays. The open Whipple method requires a hospital stay of a week to 10 days. After robotic Whipple surgery, most people can leave the hospital in as few as five days.
  • Less pain. Robotic Whipple surgery uses smaller incisions than the traditional, open approach.
  • Less scarring. Smaller incisions mean less chance for lasting scars.
  • Shorter recovery time. For those needing further cancer treatment, the shortened recovery time will allow them to start chemotherapy or radiation sooner.

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