UPMC Corporate Care Connect

The UPMC Corporate Care Connect program is partnering with nationwide insurance networks to become a preferred provider for highly specialized health care. By choosing UPMC as one of your trusted providers, you offer your customers access to expertise not available in your region.

Choosing UPMC as a Center of Excellence for your clients will ensure they receive treatment from leaders in patient care and research. Then, they can return home after surgery to receive post-op care from their own doctors.

Our partnerships emphasize returning patients to their local doctors as soon as possible, rather than keeping them in our own consumer base.

UPMC Corporate Care Connect expects to be at the forefront of the changing insurance market. We’re opening our services to more patients both in the region and nation.

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At this time, we seek to broaden the reach of two of our programs:

  • Living-Donor Liver Transplant
  • Robotic Pancreatic Surgery

Living-Donor Liver Transplant (LDLT)

Founded by the “modern father” of transplant surgery, our LDLT program performs more liver transplants than any other center in the country. And the Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute attracts patients from around the world.

Our reputation is due to:

  • Our endless pursuit of advancing transplant science.
  • Caring for the most gravely ill patients.
  • Meeting national benchmarks for patient survival.

Robotic Pancreatic Surgery

UPMC is a national leader in robotic Whipple surgery, having performed more than 500 procedures using the Whipple method.

When compared to open pancreatic surgery, the robotic Whipple method reduces hospital stays by half. People can resume normal activities weeks sooner than they could with open surgery.

As with our liver transplant program, patients return to their local doctor for follow-up care and further treatment such as chemotherapy.