Patient Care Connect

The UPMC Patient Connect program forms clinical partnerships through which we share our expertise in specialized care not available at other hospitals.

One such UPMC program is our Sports Medicine Concussion Program.

Across the U.S., up to three million people per year need testing and treatment for concussions, making it a high-demand service. UPMC alone sees more than 13,000 people yearly in our dedicated concussion treatment center.

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Access to UPMC’s Expert Concussion Treatment Program

UPMC is a leader in the assessment, treatment, and research of concussions.

Our clinical protocols, designed by Michael Collins, PhD, have guided the testing and treatment of more than three million patients. We use a personalized treatment pathway based on the trajectory of the injury.

Our federally funded research program constantly strives to better understand the science behind concussions and apply these findings in our center.

UPMC Patient Connect is partnering with hospitals throughout the U.S. that wish to learn from our concussion program.

As a Patient Connect partner, you’ll receive a detailed guidance for building a concussion treatment program of your own, including:

  • Space requirements
  • Staffing models
  • Ways to leverage sports medicine patients and third-party payers

You can draw upon our expertise every step of the way and offer your own patients evidence-based concussion treatment close to home.

Learn more about the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program.